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Five star

Five star

Starring: Prasanna,Krishna,Kanika,Vijayan and others

Five Star is a South Indian Tamil film released in 2002. This was Prasannas First movie. The story focuses the friendship of five youth, (three guys and two girls) thick buddies in an engineering college, Madras Institute of Technology. They are determined to keep their friendship alive throughout their lives and share a dream of joining the same concern when they go to work. During a vacation, one of the friends, Ilango, goes home to his village. There he is forced to get married to his rustic cousin, Eashwari, by his tough disciplinarian father. Once back in college, though he hides the fact about his marriage, the marriage becomes public when relatives of Eashwari come to visit Elango.What happens to Eashwari’s plight after their marriage debacle forms the rest.

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