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Starring: Vijay, Nayantara, Vadivelu

The protagonist (Vijay) of the movie falls in love with heroine (Nayanthara), who lives overseas with her father. She intimates her love to her loving father, a notable businessman who lives in Germany. Hero smitten by love of his life, left with no other choice travels to Germany to meet heroine’s father. Heroine’s father is not willing to get his daughter married to a “nobody”. However he makes a pact with Vijay (Hero) a mission to accomplish. If he (Hero) completes the assignment successfully, the agreement made by the father is to give his daughter’s (Nayanthara) hand in marriage. While hero was trying to unknot the mystery surrounding him slowly he also succeeds in the mission set by heroine’s father. But even after completing the task, heroine’s father refuses to marry his daughter to hero. A series of events reveals that heroine’s father had escaped from law twenty years before. The hero being a patriot also smitten by love what will be his next step. Will he produce the escapee to Indian law officers or will he pursue him to get his daughter married? He will also come to know about his real father, what will be his response on this? Can he handle everything together? Visit the official website for Villu

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26th Mar, 15

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25th Mar, 15

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24th Mar, 15

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23rd Mar, 15

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22nd Mar, 15

  நாய்கள் ஜாக்கிரதை இயக்குனருடன் இணையும் ஜெயம் ரவி

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