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Starring: Jayam Ravi, Bhavana, Vijay Kumar, Raghuvaran, Lal

Billu (Jayam Ravi) is the son of Mudaliar (Vijayakumar). Mudaliar is much loved and respected by people of his locality and Billu is almost like a foster son to every person in the locality. Billu takes an instant liking for Susi (Bhavana) the moment he sets his eyes on her at the railway station. Susi, who has arrived from Bangalore to Chennai, is all set to stay at Sait’s (Cochin Haneefa) place and Sait, who has worked for Susi’s father Chidambaram (Lal), a dreaded thug, earlier, has changed ways but retains his respect towards him nevertheless. Susi, who has been craving for love and concern since young, gets impressed with the bonding that the Royapuram residents share. When a Godman predicts that Susi is the one for Billu, she is taken aback. She dreads her father to a great extent and fears that things will go topsy-turvy if their relationship blossoms into love. But soon, she realizes that she cannot camouflage her feelings towards Billu and enjoys being in the company of Billu and his friend, when the unexpected occurs.

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Starring: Jeeva, Sandhya, Nasser

Dishyum is directed by Sasi. The film stars Jeeva, Sandhya, Nasser and Anni Malavika. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Vijay Anthiny of Sukran fame. The story tells a love relationship between stuntman and an art student providing plenty of exciting scenes along the way.

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Starring: Jeyam Ravi, Renuka Menon, Vadivelu, Monica

Daas movie begins in a small village in Tirunelveli district where a few upper caste men hold a chariot festival. Antony along with his friends pull the chariot in to their slum and they naturally incur the wrath of a local leader Annachi (Shanmuga Rajan). Meanwhile his daughter Rajeswari (Renuka Menon) falls in love with Daas. Her sister (Monica) elopes to marry a lower caste boy Guna (Abhinay), a classmate of Daas.

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Starring: Dhanush,Diya,Ramesh khanna and others

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Dumm Dumm Dumm

Dumm  Dumm  Dumm

Starring: Madhavan,Jyothika,vivek,Manivannan,Murali and others

Dumm Dumm Dumm (2001) directed by Alagam Perumal. The film stars Madhavan, Jyothika Vivek, Manivannan, Muraliand Kalpana. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Karthik Raja. The story goes like this.. Adhi (Madhavan) is a fun loving city man. Ganga (Jyothika) is a cheerful village belle who wants to do her graduation in Engineering. Marriage between the two is fixed by the elders. The pair resents it and collude to find ways to stop the `doom' as they see it. Later, they realise that they are interested in one another after all. But it is too late as by then enmity has arisen between their families. How they resolve the issue works up the rest of the story.Aditya and Ganga are two youngsters who have moved to Chennai from the same small village. Their parents meet and arrange for them to be married to each other. Aditya?s life is young, urban and exciting - with girls, parties, bikes, songs, cars, discos, movies and, infrequently, studying. He is not very enthused about the idea of being married to a village belle.Ganga, who has just ranked second in the Class XII examinations and has been admitted to an engineering college, wants to continue her education, and is equally disinterested in the idea of marriage. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to break off their engagement, both Aditya and Ganga reconcile to their marriage, but a misunderstanding on the day of their wedding turns into a fight between their families. The wedding is called off, and a feud has begun.Back in Chennai, Aditya and Ganga return to their respective lives, but continue to bump into each other, and find that they are indeed attracted to each other. Love blossoms, and the pair now turn their efforts towards convincing their respective families to set aside their differences and allowing the lovers to be joined in marriage. This is finally achieved, but not without a series of intricate twists, turns and related hilarity.

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Starring: Vikram,Laila,Ashih Vidyarthi,Nasar,Deepa Venkat ,Vivek and others

The film stars Vikram, Laila, Nassar and Vivek in critical roles. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by Vidyasagar. The film was a super hit in 2001. Dhil is the story about Kanagavel (Vikram) whose only dream is to become a police officer. He succeeds in passing the exams and wins a girlfriend (Laila). One night after having dinner at a restaurant near the beach Velu goes to pay the bill leaving Laila behind. At that moment a corrupt police officer Shankar (Ashish Vidyarti) drinks and urinates besides Laila. Irritated, she scolds him. He attempts to rape her but is beaten up by Velu severely and receives a scar on his face. Angered by this he seeks revenge against Velu. The rest of the story shows how Velu fights Shankar and his goons finally killing the corrupt police.

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Starring: Ajith Kumar Laila Suresh Gopi Nagma and others

Dheena  marks the directorial debut of A. R. Murugadoss. Ajith plays the title role of Dheena, while Suresh Gopienacts the role of Ajith's older brother. The film, which had musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by Arvind.

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Starring: Prabhu, Ramesh Aravind, eenakshi Sheshadri and others

The plot is triangular love story about a new generation of musicians who are also brothers (Prabhu Ganesan, Ramesh Aravind).

One is an eminent saxophonist and the other is an accomplished singer. Incidentally, both of them fall for a single female(Meenakshi Sheshadi) who's an avid music lover and a choreographer by profession.

While she struggles the lust of her director(Prakash Raj), she also get strangled in the siblings affairs and find it very hard to choose her beau. How the story unfolds and who will win over her forms the rest of the plot in the story.

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