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Michael Madhana Kamarajan

Michael Madhana Kamarajan

Starring: Kamal,kushboo,Rupini,Oorvasi and others

The movie opens with a ballad sung by Ilayaraja. A rich industrialist is secretly married to a woman, who is expecting their child. His brother, wishing to eliminate any potential rivals to the family property, sets her up to be killed by hired goons, who are also ordered to kill the babies. The leader of the goons, having no desire to kill children, takes one with him (Michael), drops one in an orphanage (Raju), one in a temple (Kameshwaran) which is picked by Palakkad Mani Iyer (Delhi Ganesh), and one in a car (Madhan) that belongs to the babies' father.
Years roll by and the lives of all the 4 kids turn topsy-turvy. Michael becomes a thug under the tutelage of Santhana Bharathi (the head goon); he prints fake banknotes and eludes police. Madhan's father dies in a car accident and Madhan comes back to Bangalore from abroad to take care of his father's company, much to the annoyance of his uncle and uncle's son Nasser. There he meets Avinashi (Nagesh) who misappropriated a huge sum of money.

Nagesh pleads that he knows nothing about the funds and has the burden of marrying off his eight daughters. Madhan refuses to agree and asks Nagesh to repay the money by a certain period, failing which he'll be forced to call the police. Madhan's uncle sets up Michael through a middleman to kill Madhan. Kameshwaran, who assists Delhi Ganesh, a Brahmin head cook who does catering services in Hindu weddings. Raju, who speaks Chennai Tamil, goes on to become a firefighter whose hobby is to act in stage plays.
Once, while printing counterfeit currency, Michael escapes from the police in a car and finally crashes into the electricity unit in a convention centre where Shalini's (Kushboo) paintings are being displayed for exhibition. The building catches fire and along comes Raju to save Kushboo and her paintings. The two become friends and Raju falls in love with her. Raju had taken a loan from a Pathan (Afghani money-lender) when he was young and the Pathan comes to Raju's house to demand the loan plus interest. Raju tries to pacify the Pathan by giving him some biscuits and dried fish but the Pathan throws it out in the street and it falls on Kameshwaran.
Kameshwaran, assuming the fish to be vegetables, shouts at the Pathan and reaches the wedding hall where his father is doing the catering service for the wedding. He accidentally drops the fish (which had fallen in his shirt pocket) in the sambar and a hilarious sequence follows. In the wedding hall he meets Thiripurasundari (Urvashi), whom he thinks is a thief. But apparently her grandmother (SNLakshmi) is a kleptomaniac who happens to steal everything from tumblers to an old man's artificial teeth to Delhi Ganesh's chella petti, and Urvashi goes behind her replacing everything her grandmother stole.

Kameshwaran holds Urvashi's hand, brings her to the main hall and tries to bring it to everyone's attention that her grandmother is a thief, but intelligently Lakshmi changes the scene and claims that Kameshwaran had tried to misbehave with Urvashi. As the days go on, Lakshmi buys all the groceries in Kameshwaran's account and when he goes to their house, a series of rib-tickling dialogues follow. Finally Urvashi reveals her bitter fate about tackling her grandmother's kleptomania. Kameshwaran pities her and falls for her. Eventually they get married. Avinashi chances upon Kameshwaran in the maapiLLai azhaippu oorvalam of the latter and with the help of crooked Lakshmi (who is satisfied with the money Avinashi offers) makes him agree to impersonate Madhan. All he has to do is ask Madhan's assistant Bheem to give Nagesh some money.
Meanwhile, Madhan in Bangalore gets a phone call from a lady in Chennai saying his dad's death wasn't a natural accident, but that it was planned. The caller also gives him an address in Santhome, Chennai asking him to meet her at a specific time. Madhan comes to Chennai and when in hotel, he gets another call asking him to meet her at a different address. Madhan goes there to meet Chakkubai ( Roopini) and Gangabai (Manorama). Roopini is a mentally and physically retarded blind girl pinned to a wheelchair who imagines untrue things about the deaths reported in newspapers and tracks the deceased's relatives and creates confusion by saying the death is not natural.

Madhan pities her and comes back to the hotel. While watching TV, he sees Roopini dance in a TV programme and she looks perfectly sane with good eyesight. Madhan finds them in a stage drama programme and they confess that they were asked to act that way and were given money for it. Madhan then realises that the first call he received in Bangalore was true and goes to Santhome. There he meets Jayabharathi who is about to tell him about his father. But a car comes to kill them and they escape with the help of Madhan's assistant Bheem. Madhan misses Jayabharathi in the chaos. Madhan gives a guesthouse address to Manorama and Roopini and asks them to stay there. The goondas follow Madhan but miss him en route. They end up finding Raju and, thinking him to be Madhan, starts fighting with him. Raju thrashes them all and leaves his purse behind during the fight. Madhan takes Raju's address from the purse and goes to his house.
Madhan and Raju meet and Madhan agrees to repay Raju's debt, but in turn asks Raju to impersonate him. Raju goes to the hotel where Madhan was boarding and there he meets Kushboo and her dad (Venniradai Moorthy) who had to go to Bangalore. Madhan(Raju) offers to take them along with him in the car. In the meantime, Michael, recruited to finish off Madhan, pulls off the brake wire and Jayabarathi notices it. Madhan, wearing a parda, gives instructions to (Raju) and walks off to his guest house where he develops a romance with Roopini. Michael sees (Raju) and Madhan talking and so he too decides to impersonate Madhan to get some easy money. As (Raju) and Kushboo drive away, Jayabarathi follows them to inform about the brake problem but by then the car has crashed into a small lake; fortunately none of them are injured. Jayabharathi too arrives there and attempts to strike a conversation with (Raju) but he gives her the guesthouse address saying Madhan will be there. She gets confused and goes to the guesthouse.There she sees Madhan and takes him to her house. Madhan meets his dad alive there and Dad explains how his brother and Nasser had planned to make him fall from the mountain top, but that he had escaped with the help of Jayabharathi. Madhan vows to take Nasser and his dad to the police but by then Michael has arrived and beats him unconscious. Jayabharathi, on seeing Santhana bharathi, identifies him and when she is about to open her mouth, SB hits her too. Madhan's dad hits himself, falls unconscious and Michael takes all three of them to the bungalow on top of the mountain.

Michael, (Raju) and Kameshwaran reach the Bangalore residence and Kusboo mistakes Kameshwaran for Madhan (Raju) and tries to have fun with him. By that time, Urvashi comes and fights with Kushboo to leave her husband. Manorama and Roopini arrive in time to claim Madhan to be theirs. Enraged, Kushboo picks a gun and tries to shoot them all. Michael, impersonating Madhan, takes the money from the safe with the help of Bheem. Finally everyone reaches the hilltop bungalow which seems be nothing more than a rickety single-room apartment waiting to fall off the hill at any moment. A series of comedy sequences follows, like a madisaar clad S.N.Lakshmi showing some karate moves and finally getting her haunches on fire, Madhan's dad getting hold of the gun and when the good people around heave a sigh of relief hands it over to his brother—the bad fella. Finally, after lot of confusion, everybody jump out of the house safely, just before the house collapses. 

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Starring: Murali,Saranja

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Masala Cafe

Masala Cafe

Starring: Vimal,Anjali,Siva,Oviya

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