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Starring: Madhavan,Abbas,Reema Sen, Nagesh,Vivek and others

Minnale  is  written and directed by Gautham Menon. It is a stylized romantic and musical comedy. The film stars R. Madhavan, Abbas, Reema Sen, Vivek and Nagesh. The film's score and songs are composed by Harris Jeyaraj and are all time hits and all became chartbusters

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Starring: Ajith Kumar Laila Suresh Gopi Nagma and others

Dheena  marks the directorial debut of A. R. Murugadoss. Ajith plays the title role of Dheena, while Suresh Gopienacts the role of Ajith's older brother. The film, which had musical score by Yuvan Shankar Raja and cinematography by Arvind.

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Starring: Vijay,Jyoyhika,Shilpa shetty, vivek, nizhalgal ravi and others

The story opens in Calcutta where a boy, Shiva (Vijay) is born to a wealthy couple, a Tamilian father and a Bengali mother. After many close-up shots of a woman in labour, the camera shifts to a village in Tamil Nadu, where a baby girl Jennifer (Jyothika) is born in a middle class Christian family. After some encounters when they are too young to be aware of each other, they finally meet in Madras Christian College. Though having feelings for each other, their own egos prevent them from expressing these feelings and finally even cause them to fight and split. But the need to unite another couple, whose union is being opposed by the girl's father, forces them to work with each other. In the end, they reunite ..

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Starring: arjun,Jyothika,Ramesh Aravind,Meena,Nagesh and others

Karthikeyan (Arjun), is a photographer cum editor working in Indian Express Chitra(Meena) is a bank employee.Both reside at Mumbai. Karthi meets Chitra in the bank she works while opening a bank account. While returning back to home Karthi again meets her in a train. He offers his seat but Chitra does not want to accept it.

Again during a train strike he invites her to travel in same auto to reduce expenses.But Chitra nose cuts him. When Chitra hesitated to travel in same train with Karthik he becomes angry and explains that he talked to her just because both are from same nativity and he says he will never talk to her anymore. After some days Chitra volunteerly talks to him. Karthi in return accompanies her to police station to get back her snatched hand bag. Karthi invites Chitra to his home to meet his parents.Karthi's parents likes Chitra and all become friends. Karthi's mother requests Chitra to tell karthi to get married.When she convey his parent's wish , Karthi explains about his wife who died in a train accident. Karthi comes to know about Chitra and her husband Sri Kanth who died in same train accident. Chitra adopted a boy Shiva as per her husband's wish.Karthi's parents wish both of them to get married.Chitra's son shiva moves close to Karthi and his family, while Chitra tries to prevent relations with Karthi. Karthi's father(Nagesh) understands Karthi's interest towards Chitra and he meets and requests her to marry Karthi. But she refuses and once for all avoids Karthi. Karthi understood her intention and he stayed away from her. Chitra meanwhile gets confused regarding second marriage due to the trouble given by her neighbour's husband and Shiva's passion for Karthi. Chitra's neighbour once uttempts to rape her but she manages to escape. Karthi who heard about it attacks the man for misbehaving and makes him to vacate Mumbai. Chitra decides to marry Karthi for herself and her son and she calls him to meet at the station to express her decision. While returning home she meets her mother-in-law (Lakshmi)who once upon a time opposed the marriage of her son Sri Kanth with her. Chitra's mother-in-law requests her to come and live with her as she is very lone after her husband's death.Chitra then decides to leave with her mother-in-law.But she is not dared to meet Karthi and she leaves without informing him. Karthi and his family are very much disappointed by this. After some months Chitra panics on seeing a news at television about bomb blast at Mumbai Indian Express and verifies Karthi's safety. Karthi leaves for Coonoor on an official assignment. There he meets Chitra with her mother-in-law. Chitra introduces him to her and tells about Karthi's wife's death in the same train accident where her son died. On hearing this,Chitra's mother-in-law invites Karthi to have lunch with them, the next day. This delights Shiva. Shiva eagerly waits for Karthi and leaves school well before but struck up in traffic jam for a long time. Meanwhile Chitra explains about her decision to marry him and later changed it as her mother-in-law requested her to live with her. Karthi leaves without meeting Shiva to catch the train. This disappoints Shiva and when Chitra tried to console him he blames her that she did not keep up the promise that he, Chitra, Karthi and his parents to live together. Chitra's mother-in-law hears this and understoods the meaning of it and she realised the mistake she did.She catches Karthi at railway station and requests him to marry Chitra. Karthi and Chitra leave to Mumbai and get married which delights Karthi's parents 

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Kandukonden Kandukonden

Kandukonden Kandukonden

Starring: Mammootty Ajith Kumar Aishwarya Rai Abbas Tabu Raghuvaran and others

Directed and co-written by Rajiv Menon and produced by Kalaipuli S. Dhanu, it stars Ajith Kumar, Abbas, Mammooty, Tabu and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles. Srividya and Raghuvaran, prominent actors from the south Indian film industry, played other pivotal roles in the movie. Vikram, Revathi & Jayageetha has dubbed for actor Abbas, Tabu and Aishwarya Rai respectively.

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Kannukul Nilavu

Kannukul Nilavu

Starring: Vijay Raghuvaran Srividya Shalini Kaveri Charle and others

The film stars Vijay, Raghuvaran, Srividya Kaveri and is directed by Fazil and the film was a super hit.. music is by maestro Illayaraja.

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Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Starring: Manoj Bharathiraja Riya Sen Revathi Radhika and others

Taj Mahal is a Tamil film directed by Bharathiraja. The film starred Manoj Bharathiraja and Riya Sen. The music was composed by A.R.Rahman. The film is set in the rural background.

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Minsara Kanna

Minsara Kanna

Starring: Vijay, Monicka, Rambha Khushboo and others

Minsara Kanna is a Tamil film which was released on 1999 and written and directed by K.S. Ravikumar. The film stars Vijay, Monicka, Rambha, and Khushboo The soundtrack for the film was done by music director Deva

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26th Nov, 19

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25th Nov, 19

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23rd Nov, 19

 SundarC's Acting Venture ‘Iruttu’ Release Date

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22nd Nov, 19

 Vijay Antony’s 'Agni Siragugal' First Look Poster

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29th Aug, 19

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