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Five star


Starring: Prasanna,Krishna,Kanika,Vijayan and others

Director: Susi Ganesan

Music Director: Parasuram Radha

Producer: Mani Rathnam

Release Date: 16th Oct, 02

The movie takes on a nice theme of enduring friendship and manages to present it in an unsentimental fashion. While we have had several, mostly forgettable, movies focussing on a group of friends in college, the concept of the friends ensuring that their friendship lasts even after college ends, is nice. And director Susi Ganesan manages to successfully convey the fun that this concept could provide. The sight of the friends(and the husbands of the girls) staying together and having fun does make us think about our own friends in college and imagine living with them. Appreciably, the bond of friendship that exists among the group is made evident in a subtle fashion throughout the movie without any special, cinematic incidents to showcase it in an obvious manner. The surfeit of songs (all of which are picturised in a similar, unimaginative fashion), the distressingly familiar tamil cinema college environment and lack of direction in the story all make for a very painful first half hour. Thankfully the director recovers in time. The meeting between Prasanna and Kanika is what brings about the change and the one-sided romance is delightful. Prasanna's run-ins with her, both on the train and in the camera shop, are funny and cute and there are a few scenes that bring a smile to our lips. Her calm reaction on realising his intentions and Prasanna's attitude are all refreshingly fresh .Karthik's romance and marriage is too hurried for us to take it seriously and the value of Sandhya and Mangai to the story is only the silent contribution of their husbands to ensure that the frienship works. But this contribution is key and we nod our heads when the flower seller points it out at the end.Prasanna makes full use of the oppurtunity and charms us along with Kanika. He is convincing during the serious scenes also. Krishna has the most chance for emoting and does great, especially when confronted by his friends about hiding news of his marriage. Kanika is suitably coy and homely as the village girl. Vijayan makes a mark as Krishna's father, especially during the meeting with the friends, expressing his ruefulness over the treatment he meted out to his son. Anuradha Sriram, along with her husband, debuts as music director .. the movie is a ode to true friends.. 

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