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Starring: Jeyam Ravi, Roland Kickinger, Vadivelu, Oorvasi, Ponvannan, Dhanushika, Liyashree, Saranya, Varsha (Magha), Vasundhara

Director: S.P. Jhananathan

Music Director: Vidyasagar

Producer: K.Karoonamoorthy & C.Arun Pandian

Release Date: 16th Oct, 09

The man who has control over his body and soul is called the masculine man which is also known as PERAANMAI.
A film of its kind which would kindle the patriotism within you. – Do you love your country then sure you will like and would never miss it. A sure trend setter for the line of directors and producers who have the thirst to give some useful thoughts to the society.Dhruv our hero is born in a tribal community but through his sheer interest and intelligence gets into the post of forest officer. He works under Ponvannan - Ganapathyram who never fails to insult him in each and every occasion that he is born in the tribal community. Dhruv never cares about this and minds his job.A group of NCC cadets from Rosa College come for further training in trekking. Dhruv an expert, is given the responsibility of training those girls. The regular fun of young college girls is there in the first half and they try all ways and means to escape from the strict training given by Dhruv.Amidst all this fun the training keeps going and out of the bunch of girls only 5 girls the naughtiest ones are selected for trekking under the supervision of Dhruv.The real story starts from there. The director and the cameraman have decided to give us both a mental and visual treat from this point onwards. The playful girls drive the jeep and as it happens in all Tamil films they fell down from the top into a densed forest. But unlike other directors our director Mr.S.P.Jhananathan, has handled each and every frame along with the cameraman and the entire team with a decision to take us to the edge of the seat.This film compromises of 6 Heros. Yes…. The first hero is our own Jeyam Ravi and the other 5 girls who should be called as heroines have performed equal to the hero so to justify and give credit they have to be titled only as heros. A stupendous performance by the entire team.To begin with the introduction of our Hero coming along with the tiger. Such scenes were possible only with our yester year hero M.G.R. Now jeyam Ravi has got such a wonderful intro. The director wanted to make all of us understand that it was real tiger which was used and to confirm the same a small boy takes some rice puffs near the tiger and the puffs fly as the tiger is breathing. Such minute things have also been taken utmost care.Jeyam Ravi has made to live a tribal life and the introduction song is too good and takes us to the hilly ranges in our country. A special mention has to be made about the handicapped brother of Jeyam Ravi who has acted with ease using his hands who is already a limca world of records holder.OOrvasi & Vadivelu though support the main cast have done their job as laid by the director.Music by Vidyasagar has to be mentioned in special. He has set wonderful tunes and his effort for the 2nd half of the film has a special mention.Director and his confidence on his cameraman are awesome. Mr.Satishkumar’s  work in this film cannot be described at all.The regular words like visual treat and other similar words will only fill the space because no specific word can be used to make people understand the effort he has taken in each frame.Right from the introduction of jeyam ravi, then the girls arrival, the girls doing their regular exercises these are some common sequences. But when the girls loose control of the jeep and starts rolling down the mountain the camera man has taken the control of the entire film in his hand. It is not possible even to get a clue about the position of the camera. The frame for the car to start rolling and stand at the tip of the mountain. Then the girls along with the hero walking through the jungle etc; etc. The entire film has to be narrated scene by scene. HATS OFF MR.SATISH KUMAR.The art director has erected wonderful set for the tribal community. All the weapons were matched with the original right from the looks, feel & also the weight. Such has been the effort of the art director.Each and every scene and frame has been clearly worked and also the same with the success.This film cannot be compared with any other film as there is no other Tamil film belonging to this genre and sure this is a tamil film of international standard as we have Hollywood actor Roland playing opposite to Jeyam Ravi. Please note have not used the word baddie as this is a regular term used for all villains. He along with his team has justified his performance.THREE CHEERS TO S.P.JHANANATHAN & TEAM.Also for the Producers who have the real guts to rely on the director and the script.

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