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Naachiyaar - Jyotika talks about G.V.Prakash

Naachiyaar - Jyotika talks about G.V.Prakash

News Date: 5th Feb, 18

Bala’s ‘Naachiyaar’ all set to hit the screens worldwide on February 16 and it is safe to say that there is already a positive buzz around the movie. The film stars Jyothika as a foul-mouthed and ruthless cop, and composer-actor GV Prakash Kumar Kumar has a trademark Bala character, the naive village buffoon.

Jyotika said about G.V.Prakashkumar in recent interview, You'll witness how mature an actor GV is through this film. It will surely take him to the next level. He's a very straight forward person on and off screen.  Naachiyaar which translates to woman might well be Bala’s version of a woman centric-film. Ilayaraaja’s music adds more excitement to the mix. Produced by Bala’s B Studios and EON studios.

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