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Superstar Rajinikanth's 'Kaala' Movie Review

Superstar Rajinikanth's 'Kaala' Movie Review

News Date: 8th Jun, 18

KAALA, the latest Superstar Rajinikanth has got the rare distinction of being the least hyped movie with literally, no buzz. Perhaps a follow up to Kabali that did phenomenal business but met with mixed emotions was the reason for many of us including me to wait & see how this unfolds. Still made time to watch this movie on a packed auditorium in NJ.

First things first, yes movie delivers in a color and brilliant way which can be connected to entire India happenings for the past 6 months. Now another critical question is did Rajini satisfy his fans as well as neutral viewers like me & the answer is,  Big Yes- he did without compromising the vision of director, playing his strength by fitting in author backed role with ‘elan. Now trying to dissect the movie , Kaala certainly is not a political propaganda film but deeply touches the oppressed communities daily struggle in 3rd world country like India & how power play denies their basic rights.

For a Rajinikanth movie this is a sweet surprise in terms of casting & strongly written characters especially Stunning performance by Nana Patekar & Eswari Rao.

What worked here : Well written characters, Energetic Rajinikanth, superb mass episodes, especially intermission & brilliant climax episodes are best in recent Indian movies. Cinematography deserves special mention. Another department is the music & sound design which deserves all the awards this year. Exceptional seems to be understatement for what these two crew members Santhosh Narayanan & Anthony J Reuben achieved.

Coming back to strength of the movie with no 2nd thoughts: Rajini is Brilliant in his casual yet powerful avatar scoring in every mass scene, more importantly during the rain fight & police station episode. Treat for Rajini fans, a pure nostalgia inducing moments for those 80’s kids. No wonder a few calls him he is the superstar for a reason and some mentioned he is the black panther of Indian Cinema.

I have watched it with an open mind as am not a Rajini fan but most of the families who watched in the same hall, (mostly fans) seemed to left the hall happy. Success of the movie can be gauged from there . With current political situation In the South, KAALA adds a lot of fodder and will be the talking point on the debates.

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