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Abhiyum Nanum in Kanada

Abhiyum Nanum in Kanada

News Date: 13th Oct, 09

Actor Prakash Raj had no turn backs ever since from his debut flick ‘Duet’ where he performed the negative role. Of course, he joined the list of other actors who naturally commenced their career as villains and then as protagonists. The actor then started off his own production house ‘Duet Movies’ and witnessed continuous success.

 His first venture would be with the remake of ‘Abhiyum Naanum’ in Kannada. The Tamil and Telugu version was directed by Radha Mohan, his close pal. The Kannada remake will be directed and produced by Prakash raaj. He will be playing the same role while hot Divya Spandana enacts his daughter’s role.According to sources, the storyline will be quite similar to Tamil version which was the beautiful relationship between father and daughter, the director is going to add an extra dosage of sentiment.

Guess it will be another feather in this veteran cap.. 

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