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BSA Hercules chennai cycling 2012

BSA Hercules chennai cycling 2012

News Date: 22nd Feb, 12

BSA Hercules Chennai cycling 2012 is back..

According to the press release, the event is a mass mobilizing cycling event aimed at increasing awareness amongst the public about healthy living, sport and sustainable means of transport..

It will be held at held at Kamaraj Salai& Swami Sivananda salai, chennai on Feb 26th,2012..

In support of UWC(United Way of Chennai), the event caters to different categories including Men's national race,Women's national race, CXO ride & celebrity Lap, Parent circle-Kids ride, Parrys Green T6 ride, Ride for a cause,Amateur Ride..

Mr A MA Alagappan, chairman-United Way Of chennai, MR L Ramkumar, MD, TII Murugappa group, MD of CRX Sports MR Rohit Kuttappa, Actor Karthi was present during the press confereance of the event.. 

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