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K4 Promotions kickstart

K4 Promotions kickstart

News Date: 23rd Feb, 12

Konjam Koffee Konjam Kadhal (K4)produced under the banner Zophus Enterprises,is directed by Venky..

The film is a refreshing movie about love and it is a launch pad for a host of fresh young talents where the team introduces 16 fresh faces through this film.Newcomers Hridayaraaj(Child artiste who had played the character Kamal Basheer in Bombay) and Aditi are in lead roles..

Recently the film kick started  the promotion of the movie in Ethiraj college, chennai..

According to the press release,the promotion started amidst a coffee shop setup and a large variety of coffee that was served filled the ambience with an aroma of love and serenity which blended with the theme of the movie that celebrated Love and Friendship.

The students at the event witnessed the trailer of the movie and K4 goodies were given away..The various varieties of coffee and chocolates priced at a very subsidized rate, exclusively for the college students were blended by the Blues and Jazz Café based out in Chennai.

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