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Women's craft Bazaar held

Women's craft Bazaar held

News Date: 10th Mar, 12

To celebrate International Women’s Day, C.P Art Centre had organized annual exhibitions of items from 3rd March to 8th March, 2012 made by women entrepreneurs employing women workers and housewives..

According to the press release,The Women’s Craft Bazaar which is an annual feature in the itinerary of C.P Art Centre’s activities was inaugurated by Tmt. Sheela Rani Chunkath I.A.S Additional Chief Secretary/ Chairperson & Managing Director Tamil Nadu Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd. (Poompuhar).

The potential of the entrepreneurs varies from pottery to pickle making, to weaving and garment manufacturing.There were varying items such as textiles, crafts, jewellery, food and health and vaastu items. The items which were on sale and the entire proceeds of the sales goes to the participants.The women were from different backgrounds, some of them are from the rural hutment areas.

There were also economically disadvantaged women belonging to the middle class. These women are self-employed independent women who help in the upliftment and employment of fellow-women who hail from similar economic backgrounds.

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