Ayngaran Web Design and Video Streaming Integration Specialist

Ayngaran is looking for an experienced, professional and enthusiastic web designer to join and grow a world-class multi-disciplinary team responsible for delivering the next-generation Ayngaran website and other online services.

The Ayngaran homepage is moving to a new technology platform this year. The web designer will help to create and deliver new homepage features and functionality that take advantage of the new platform.

  • The post holder will report to the Manager and indirectly to the CEO.
  • To run the Ayngaran online projects on a day-to-day basis and take responsibility for its delivery using agile processes.
  • Ensure that homepage deliverables are completed on time and as specified.
  • To be responsible for change control and configuration management.
  • To be responsible for project administration and the production of project documentation.
  • To monitor and manage the project process and track progress against milestones and deadlines and report on them effectively to key stakeholders.
  • To establish and maintain effective working relationships with all staff working on the project. This may include Ayngaran staff in Chennai & London, and third parties film producers/companies.
  • To anticipate, manage and resolve issues and act as a clearing house for problems confronting the project, including impediments faced by scrum teams.
  • To assess risks in an informed and considered manner and to plan how to mitigate them.
  • To chair and manage project meetings as appropriate.
  • To understand the underlying technical architecture and relevant options and issues, and be able to manage and influence debate on these. To present technical issues effectively to key decision makers.
  • Keeping abreast of emerging technologies in new media, particularly design programmes such as Quark Xpress, FreeHand, Illustrator, Photoshop, 3D Studio, Acrobat, Director, Dreamweaver and Flash, as most graphic design work is now completed on a computer
  • To prepare for and support the continuing availability and effective operations of services once they have gone live.



Required knowledge & experience

  • Experience of initiating and delivering software development projects and service propositions within a technically complex environment involving multiple stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of project management tools and methodologies.
  • Strong understanding of the benefits of agile development techniques.
  • Strong understanding of project lifecycles.
  • Experience of tracking and documenting project milestones, risks and issues.
  • Experience in created new streaming platforms with existing AV web codec's.
  • Strong understanding with key web technologies and online retail (PHP and xHTML).
  • Strong understanding of video audio web compression and transcoding.
  • Strong understanding of consumer online media trends & retail (iTunes, iPlayer, Torrents, You Tube, play.com).
  • Working with other designers, architects, developers and testers to integrate various platforms.
  • Practical experience of integrating Video platforms into CDN and Content Networks.
  • Deep understanding of platform, application server, database and application performance and integration.



Desirable knowledge & experience

  • Flash, PHP, HTML
  • Social Media Programming (Wordpress, Buddypress,Ning, Facebook, Myspace, etc).
  • Video On Demand Apps And Programming (MS silverlight, Open Source Streaming delivery, Adobe apps, and EXPERT ability to encode media so user experience can be both mini screen and full screen with controls on pausing, rewind, etc).
  • Video Editing.
  • Knowledge of current online webisodes,Movies and tv series that are available in full screen format on major and cable networks as well as smaller and popular web series (ie quarterlife, tikibar, etc).
  • Expert Knowledge Of Various ways of Monetizing such sites that have free digital content including pre/mid/post roll advertising.

Full-time, non-classified position. Salary is Commensurate with qualifications and experience. Qualifications: Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in broadcast journalism, communications, educational media, or a related field and two to three years of digital media production experience. Must be proficient with Final Cut Pro Studio, DVD Studio Pro and/or Adobe Premiere Pro. Thorough knowledge of a professional discipline or technical specialty as would normally be acquired through relevant bachelor education program. Knowledge of principle, concepts, and methodology of a highly technical, professional, or administrative occupation is indicative of this level. Duties: Setup and operate digital media production equipment, in both studio and on location, such as: cameras, microphones, teleprompter, video switcher, character generator, audio board, digital disk recorder, tape machines, lighting instruments and controllers, video streaming services, and Leightronix Nexus cable channel playback hardware; determine audio and lighting needs and camera placement. Prepare various production forms - i.e. copyright and release forms. Coordinating and supervising Marketing assistants during production. Position will make extensive use of Final Cut Pro Studio, Adobe CS4 and Premier Pro as well as AVID Media Composer to edit and distribute content. Creation of specialized multimedia content in interactive, static and dynamic formats. Produce, write, direct and occasionally host instructional and training videos, promotional campaigns or public event programs including editorial changes, techniques, graphics and conceptual design. Work with clients to determine content and format of digital media productions. Consult with those who use video in outreach activities including online movies, online movies designed for All The Ayngaran Fans and Viewers, virtual fieldtrips, podcasts and webcasts, and documentary materials. Production and video archiving of educational modules, outreach activities and promotional videos for the use of academic staff in developing outreach activities. Gather and process video and digital media to formats appropriate for University digital media outlets such as distributed digital signage, special purpose handhold digital media devices, streaming and on-demand applications and archiving. Coordinating the scheduling of media onto digital media outlets.



Personal attributes

  • Planning and organising - able to think ahead in order to establish an efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines, staffing and resources.
  • Communication - able to get one’s message understood clearly by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.
  • Influencing and persuading - able to present sound and well reasoned arguments to convince others. Can draw from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behaviour change.
  • Managing relationships and team working - able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people. Works co-operatively with others to be part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.
  • Resilience - manages personal effectiveness by managing emotions in the face of pressure, set backs or when dealing with provocative situations. Demonstrates an approach to work that is characterised by commitment, motivation and energy.
  • Flexibility - adapts and works effectively with a variety of situations, individuals or groups. Able to understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue, to adapt an approach as the requirements of a situation change, and to change or easily accept changes in one’s own organisation or job requirements.
  • Strategic thinking - able to identify a vision along with the plans which need to be implemented to meet the end goal, evaluating situations, decisions and issues in the short, medium and long term.
  • Analytical thinking - able to simplify complex problems, processes or projects into component parts explore and evaluate them systematically.
  • Managing performance - sets challenging team and individual objectives and trusts people to get on with them, shares clear expectations about required performance levels, rewards success and addresses performance issues quickly and fairly, treats team members with honesty, respect and compassion.
  • Collaborating across boundaries - challenges systems, processes and people that block collaboration, connects people, ideas, processes and issues, sets an example by sharing resources, knowledge ideas and skills across the organisation, builds helpful, productive relationships across the organisation.
  • Providing direction through change - is open to change and responds flexibly to new challenges, shares and communicates Ayngaran vision with passion and clarity, articulates a compelling case for change, provides momentum when driving change, involves others in building plans for change.
  • Maximising business effectiveness - provides the best value by sharing our resources across the Ayngaran International, looks for value for money, sets realistic budgets and manages them effectively, considers the business implications of decisions, avoids wastage and challenges effective usage of resources.